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*WwF DiVaS*


jackie 'n' tha APA (Personally i think she should of stayed with them)


ThE kAt
IvOrY (wcw/ecw)
TrIsH SrAtUs (2001 BAbE oF tHa yEaR)
MoLlY HoLlY (wcw/ecw now)
the award goes to.........
My FaVoRiTe PiCz

Jacqueline wrestled for the Texas based WCCW & 6 years in the USWA under the alias "Sweet Georgia Brown" and then "Miss Texas". She was the first woman to be ranked in the PWI poll, partially due to the fact that she would wrestle women or men.
She sprung on the scene in the WCW as a surprise to a few people. One moment Kevin Sullivan was with Woman and the next he was with Jacqueline. Supposedly she had a previous relationship with Kevin. During her stint with Kevin, Jacqueline and Woman became bitter enemies. Jacqueline went on to become the manager of Harlem Heat, and at least she didn't go to the nWo like half the people at WCW did.

Surprisingly, the beautiful buxom and well-stacked black woman popped up in the WWF on the arm of Mark Mero right after his split with Sable. Sable was none to happy about this development and she was even less happy as Jackie made Sable's life a living hell for months. Not to be outdone by Sable, Jackie put herself on the map so to speak during the bathing suit contest between her and Sable during the Fully Loaded PPV in July 1998. Jackie was 'fully loaded' as she coyly gave us a peak at her breast while she paraded around the ring waiting for Sable. As hot looking as Jackie was that night, she was outdone by Sable who appeared in her 'painted hands' bathing suit. The feud between the two stretched on for months and even Luna got into the middle of things. In September Jackie got some revenge when she beat Sable in a match that reinstated the WWF Women's Championship Title Belt. Jackie was only able to hold onto it the belt for two months before losing the belt to Sable who she underestimated as an opponent. Since November of 1998 Jackie has been in only 3 title matches which is strange considering her athletic and wrestling abilities.

Late in December '98 Jacqueline who had been scorned by Mark Mero joined forces with Terri Runnels (whom Goldust had turned his back on) and the pair formed PMS (Pretty Mean Sisters). Semi-successful with the audience PMS added Ryan Shamrock not long after she arrived in the WWF but within a few months the group slowly split up. A lack of interesting storylines seem to have plagued PMS, I mean, how many times can you watch Terri and Jackie drool all over themselves while 'Meat' (Shawn Stasiak) comes out and loses another match. By September 1999 Terri pretty much came out by herself with Shawn although she did a few risqu promos suggesting that Meat just wasn't satisfying her which seemed to really steam Jackie up. Jackie stopped appearing with Terri and pretty much stayed out of action for the remainder of 1999.

One highlight that a lot of people don't know about Jackie is that during 1999 at the Capital Carnage PPV that was televised only in the UK - Jackie was bare-breasted and riding on top of referee Tim White's shoulder's. That's right the lady was the first woman in the WWF to truly expose her breasts. Even though Sable had teased us with her painted on bathing suit and appeared in the raw for Playboy, and Debra kept promising us a long look at her puppies, it was the bountiful Jacqueline that actually bared her chest for all the fans to see.

Hopefully 2000 will see Jackie back in the middle of the ring as she is one of the best female wrestlers in any federation/league. Maybe this year the WWF will actually have the women compete for the Women's Championship belt instead of running evening gown contests and giving it to the victor. You can bet that Jacqueline will be one of the top contenders for the coveted title belt.Career
Highlights: Women's Champion (2)
Jacqueline is one of the strongest, most athletic women on the World Wrestling Federation roster. In fact, her attributes rival those of many of the Federation's men. On numerous occasions, she has been known to mix it up in the ring with many of the Federation's male competitors.

Occasionally, Jacqueline will rekindle her competitive fire, competing in matches in the heated women's division or teaming with male superstars for mixed tag-team competition.
Real Name: Jacqueline Moore
Alias: Jacqueline
Previous Names: Sweet Georgia Brown, Miss Texas, Jacquelyn
Birthplace: Dallas, Texas
Birthday: January 6, 1966
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 119 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Currently Managing: N/A
Current Status: Wrestler and Valet
Trademark/Finishing Move(s): Floatover DDT
Debut Date: June 1998
Claim to Fame:
- First WWF Women's Champion after WWF brought back the title in 09/15/98
- Two time WWF Women's Champion from 09/15/98 to 11/15/98 and from 02/01/00 to 03/28/00.
- First women EVER to be ranked in PWI's top 500 wrestlers!

Tidbit of Info:Jacqueline Moore is no stranger to the squared circle. Jacqueline has been involved with pro-wretling for over 10 yrs. She wrestled in USWA, WCW, before beinq recruited by the WWF. Jacqueline is an amazing athlete, as she has proven in the ring time after time


jackie lookin' hella good!