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*WwF DiVaS*


ThE kAt
IvOrY (wcw/ecw)
TrIsH SrAtUs (2001 BAbE oF tHa yEaR)
MoLlY HoLlY (wcw/ecw now)
the award goes to.........
My FaVoRiTe PiCz

Tori (Terri Powers) started in the WWF in December 1998 as a fan from the audience. Then it seemed like the WWF wasn't sure what they wanted to do with Tori since two rumors were running wild: 1) It was Sable's sister and 2) it was an obsessed fan. As it worked out they went more or less with the ardent fan routine and thus eventually Tori was added to the WWF stable. Her first order of business was to attack Luna during a period of feuding between Sable and Luna. She even appeared to look like Sable during an attack one evening, which not only served to give the Sable's 'sister' rumor some credibility but also caused Luna to launch an all out war on Sable.
As time went on, Tori tried to prove herself to Sable. Sable began treating her like trash and as an unworthy individual the harder Tori tried. Their relationship soured after Wrestlemania XV in 1999, where Tori made her wrestling debut in a losing match against Sable.

During the middle of 1999 a feud between her and Ivory started, which produced a couple of championship matches for Tori, but she was unable to capture the title belt. After disappearing in Sept-Oct. Tori returned to the WWF in November. Dressing in sexier clothing, and tops than showed a much more developed chest than she previously owned, she became Kane's girlfriend within a few short weeks (which I never did understand, she's a good wrestler).

In December the Big Show defended his title against Kane, with the stipulation that if Kane lost, Tori would have to spend the holidays with X-Pac. Sad to say Kane did lose which left Tori having to live up to the bargain. Several weeks later D-Generation X attacked Kane during a match and tied him up in a corner of the ring. Certain that the struggling Kane was securely tied, X-Pac told him and the world all the graphic details of their weekend together. Horrified, Tori started to leave the ring while Kane struggled mightily to break free. Surprisingly she turned back around and walked up to X-Pac, smiled at him, and laid a big sloppy kiss on the degenerate. A devastated Kane watched as the two lovebirds left the arena hand-in-hand
------------------------------------------------------------Since her arrival in the World Wrestling Federation, fans have seen many sides of this beautiful diva. Originally a fan who would travel from arena to arena to see her favorite Superstars, Tori has since made a successful transition to the competitive roster.

Tori is currently waiting for the right time for her return to the Federation. You can bet that when she does, things will start to heat up.
Real Name: Terri Poch
Alias: Tori
Previous Names: Terri Power, Ninja Girl
Birthplace: Portland, Oregon
Birthday: August 20,1967
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 138
Hair Color: Dark Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Currently Managing: N/A
Current Status: Training Victoria in OVW <
Trademark/Finishing Move(s): Tori Suplex br>Debut Date: December 1998 (Royal Rumble)
Claim to Fame:
- a member of the stable DX and the Faction/Regime
- the sixth WWF female to be put through the table by the Dudley Boys. (06/25/00)
- was a key component in the Kane/X-Pac angle.

Tidbit of Info: Terri Poch began wrestling in the LPWA as Terri Power. Terri was then introduced in the WWF in the late 1998 as a crazed fan. Terri Poch then became Tori, and began her career in the WWF. Lately, Tori has been showing great athletisism and courage. Her future looks bright in the WWF.